Name: Donator+ Rank
Price: 10.00 8.00 EUR

Rank Donator+ will grant you the following:
You inherit everything from rank Donator!

▪ /condense
▪ /tptoggle
▪ /hat
▪ /nickname
▪ /glow
▪ /tpahere
▪ /ptime
▪ /back (on death)

▪ Ability to use colors in chat, nick and signs
▪ Ability to 5x /SetHome
▪ Ability to use /backpack (18 slots)

▪ Access to special rank-chat channel
▪ Access to special rank-updates channel

Upon purchase of a rank, you will receive an e-mail with a code.
Enter the code into any Discord channel in order for the role
to be assigned!
(Discord perks only apply to you if you use it!)