God/goddess Rank

75.00 EUR

Bonuses that come with ranks do not give you competitive advantage nor affect other players' gameplay experience. All perks that are obtained with a rank here may also be obtained in-game through vote ranks (command /rankup)

*Amount of Backpack Slots & Homes don't stack on top of the amount you may currently have.

- ***BONUS*** Key bundle I (contains 1x of each key)
***BONUS*** $75k in-game money
***BONUS*** 16000 claim blocks
- Changeable prefix by using /god or /goddess
- Unlock all Hub cosmetics (15 available)
- Turn ores into blocks with /condense
- Use /hat and wear any block as your hat
- Set yourself a /nickname
- Make yourself glow with /glow
- Change player time with /ptime
- Return to death location with /back
- Portable workbench with /craft
- Access the /enderchest from anywhere
- Wipe your inventory with /clear
- Hungry? Feed yourself with /feed
- Launch explosive cats with /kittycannon
- Fly around with the command /fly
- Travel to the very top with /top *NEW*
- Be able to use /fix to repair your tools *NEW*
- Unlock colors! (nick and signs)
- Ability to 20x /sethome (20 homes) *NEW +4*
- Access extra space with /backpack (54 slots) *NEW +9*

Stand out in the Hub server with 15 fun cosmetics!
- 5 fun items
- 5 particles
- 5 spicy hats


Chat prefix:


Upon purchase of a rank, you will receive an e-mail with a code.
Enter the code into any Discord channel in order for the role
to be assigned! Discord community -> CLICK